RPA(Robotic Process Automation)



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What Is RPA(Robotic Process Automation)?

1、RPA is the technology that allows computer software to mimic actions typically performed by humans. It can automate highly manual, repetitive and rule-based processes, achieve whole process automation between different programs and systems
2、Robots can run 24/7 to handle large amount of businesses and greatly improve effeciency and accuracy
3、RPA technology is non-invasive to existing systems while interacting with them and does not required existing system modifications or API development, so it can be seamlessly integrated into existing business environment.

What Processes Are Suitable for RPA?

1、Higly manual and repetitive 
2、Based on rules 
3、Large volume
4、Can have considerable savings after automation 
5、Mature and stable 


Examples of Business Scenario That Are Suitable for RPA    

  - AR/AP handling;bank-enterprise/enterprise-enterprise reconsiliation;automatic e-banking payment;bills generation;expense claims;invoice validation;tax declaration… 
2、Human Resource 
  - recruitment; employee account management; salary calculation; attendance management; expense management; education and training…
3、Compliance and Risks Management 
  - Company data input and alert; change information input; periodic information declaration; internal business operation activities and investment information checking…
  - Document processing; customer complaint handling; system data input; notifications/batch emails; activity enrollment…  
  - Server and applications maintenance; user account/password reset; system diagnosis; batch data handling; data backup and restoration; application testing…
and more


RPA Cases    

1、Account Receivable data input into SAP in a manufacturing company

2、User email group change process in IT opeation in a financial institute 



Our RPA Service Scope (UiPath)

There are many RPA products in the market and we cooperate closely with the leader UiPath globally. In China, we are licensed business partner of UiPath China.
  - License purchase; software configuration consultation; installation and configuration… 
2、Business consultation 
  - Enterprise business process analysis and assessment; RPA implementation advice; RPA project management; staff outsourcing(project consultation, project management, development, etc.)...            
  - Requirement definition, process design, project development and delivery, maintenance...
4、User training 
  - Development basics training, Orchestrator training, solution architect training...



For new clients we offer following services, free of charge

1、Process analysis(max 2 mandays), to determine if the candidate process is suitable for RPA or not
2、Current coding technical support
3、1-day training on UiPath Studio or Studio X development basics

To learn more details,please contact us.

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If you want to receive following documents, please contact us

1、RPA Products Evaluations(3rd party report)
2、Briefing on Business Process Analysis
3、Training Agenda for UiPath Studio and Studio X